Impact of local media that is of, by, and for you

Our donors and members are building a stronger, more connected community through the magic of storytelling. The hunger for community-based stories is stronger than ever, and the resources required to produce quality, impactful local media are vital.

  • Image of a part of the first page of The Channel  - Fall 2023

    The Channel - Fall 2023

    "Being in this space, you recognize it’s about starting a conversation, sparking a thought, and encouraging people to listen in a new way.”

  • The Channel front page

    The Channel - Summer 2023

    "On the surface, Public Media Network may look like a modern media center, which it is, but anyone that spends time here quickly learns just how many people find hope and support here."

  • Reporter in front of backdrop and camera operator in foreground

    2023 Spring Newsletter

    Community Access to Media

  • Images of producers in circles over a speech bubble

    2022 Spring Newsletter

    Everyone has a story. Investing people with the power of voice and technology to amplify their voice.

  • Screening of youth media

    2021 Fall Newsletter

    Keeping the Community in Media

  • Community Forum in Main Studio

    2021 Spring Newsletter

    Putting Media in the Hands of the Community

  • Kid with headset looking at camera and smiling

    2019 Fall Newsletter

    Kids learned to create media with purpose

  • Cover of the Spring 2019 Newsletter

    2019 Spring Newsletter

    Engaging Your Community Through Media

This is where you come in. Here's how your gift today ensures that Kalamazoo’s stories are told and shared:

  • Your generosity equips neighborhood journalists, documentary filmmakers, and producers with the equipment, software, and support they need to provide content that not only informs but also inspires and forges connections in our community.
  • Together, we craft a vibrant community narrative, offering diverse and meaningful coverage. Your donation shines a light on the unheard voices and untold stories of local importance. These narratives matter, and your contribution ensures everyone’s stories are amplified to the broader community.

Make a donation today and amplify local stories that inspire and build our community.