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Ways to Become Involved in Creating a Stronger Local Media System

As a grassroots local collective, we invite you to get involved in a way that is meaningful to you! Join us to democratize local media and give people the tools they need to tell compelling stories that change our community. We need you to be involved!


For Creators

For visual storytellers, community organizers, activists, documentary producers, and anyone who plays a role in bringing  video stories to life — we invite you to join our network!


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    Production Crew

    Volunteer to help set-up for recording, camera operation, audio, floor directing, and other production crew needs. Training is provided. Sign-up for orientation to get started.

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    Do you want to produce and submit content for distribution on Public Media Network? You can work with us to produce your own television program. Sign up for orientation to get started.

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    Neighborhood Voices Reporter

    Improve our local news and report on your local community.
    Training is provided. Learn more about the program.
    Mobile Storytelling is the first workshop to get you started.

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    Community Access Center Member

    Access media production studios, equipment, and workspace for the creation of your media projects or community events.

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    Next Lens Media Lab

    Next Lens provides documentary storytellers with resources and mentorship for the completion of a documentary to use in their portfolio, and equips them with access to gear and resources, industry guidance, and local screening and distribution through Public Media Network. Apply by December 1 for the current round of funding.

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    Content Contributor

    Already have media produced and are interested in having it aired on Public Media Network? Learn more about our platforms.

    Attend Orientation to get started.

For those who want to grow media skills

Whether you are experienced or new to storytelling with media, we want you in our network. We offer media training and support along with cohort programs to equip you to use media to tell the stories in our community.


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    Media Shift

    Narrative storytelling program based in media activism and documentary storytelling. Learn more about the program. Sign up for our emails to learn about upcoming cohorts.

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    Apprentinceships & Fellowships

    Watch for more information on upcoming opportunities for media apprenticeships and fellowships. Sign up for our emails to stay connected and be the first to learn about these opportunities.

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    Youth Media Programs

    More programs for young adults and youth (24 and under) are coming soon. Sign up for our emails to be the first to learn about these programs.

For those who are passionate about local media

We support people in telling stories to impact, inform, and inspire people in our communities, and we invite you to join us. Get inspired by watching local content, stay connected through our newsletters, and share with others in the community. Foster an inclusive local media system that reflects our community and catalyzes change and connection.



  • Stay Connected

    Sign up for our emails if you want to stay connected and receive information about upcoming events, news, training classes, and other opportunities.

  • Donate to support local media

    Local media needs your support. You can help build and share media power in our community to ensure people have access to quality local media and information that reflects their community and lived experiences.

  • Community Advisory Council

    The Community Advisory Council brings together both existing media producers and new community partners around the shared goal of ensuring people have access to quality local media and information that reflects their community and lived experiences.

  • Office and Outreach Assistance

    Mailings, clerical work, front desk concierge, event set-up, outreach at community events, and assist with surveys.
    Training is provided.

    Sign up for orientation to get started.

  • Board of Directors

    The Board of Directors sets the vision and direction for Public Media Network and provides governance of the organization to make sure it is meeting community needs. Members are appointed by our partner municipalities and at-large.

    Expectations of Board Members

    Express your interest by filling out the online form to be considered for current or future open seats.