Tyler's Virtual Internship Work Samples

Tyler Z intern pic

Meet Tyler! Tyler comes all the way from the endless cornfields of Indiana. Tyler is interested in video production, podcasting, creating and discussing entertainment, and using storytelling to share new ways of seeing the world. He is a theme park lover and animals love him, he also enjoys a really scary story. Welcome Tyler to the virtual internship team!


T Zach and Friends

Check out Tyler's Podcast: "T-Zach & Friends"

"A podcast about whatever it is my nerdy friends and I want to talk about. New guest every episode! Topics range from TV & Film to life stories, to whatever cool and/or horrible things are going on in the world. Join us!"

To listen click here: T-Zach& Friends

Video Projects


Check out the trailer for Tyler's upcoming project "The Beginner's Guide to Zack Snyder's Justice League (The Snyder Cut).

"Here is the official trailer for my upcoming documentary-style project: The Beginner's Guide to Zack Snyder's Justice League (AKA the Snyder Cut)! The story of a pipe dream come true from a totally unbiased point of view. Whether you're a fan or a curious outsider, it's a fascinating tale that I can't wait to tell in my own words. "


"Maaya" Episode Two


Tyler collaborated with PMN producer Kalpana Kumar to film and edit episode two of the thriller series 'Maaya'

Motion Graphics

Motion Graphic created by Tyler for the intro of his next project 'On Location'