Southwest Michigan Journalism Collaborative

Journalism has the power to frame narratives and influence people’s perspectives,
perceptions and behaviors about one another and the community they live in. As such, a thriving news ecosystem in Kalamazoo County is extremely crucial, especially one that is centered in equity. It is key to effectively and productively work towards community-based change.

The Southwest Michigan Journalism Collaborative's (SWMIJC) mission is:
To support and enhance the news ecosystem in Southwest Michigan, to provide accurate and equitable coverage and to promote diversity of voices among journalists and sources alike.

With this mission, SWMIJC hopes to gain greater equity in news coverage, diversity in newsrooms, and engagement between journalists and their audiences to build trust.

Membership of the SWMIJC
The SWMIJC is comprised of 15 partners representing educational, community or journalism organizations based primarily in and serving the information needs of the Southwest Michigan region. Click here to view the current roster of members.

Guiding Principles and Values of SWMIJC
The following guiding principles and values were established by collaborative members to guide their ways of being as well as collaborative efforts (complete definitions of the following is available in the MOU):

  • Accountability
  • Collaboration
  • Equity
  • Ethical Journalism Practices
  • Inclusion 
  • Solutions
  • Sustainability
  • Trust

Equity is identified as the primary value guiding the allocation of funds for reporting, staffing, and project management at participating collaborative member organizations.

Employment Opportunity

The SWMIJC is currently seeking a full-time, contract Collaboration Manager and Editor. Learn more about this opportunity.


Public Media Network serves as the fiscal sponsor for the Southwest Michigan Journalism Collaborative.