Your health and safety is a top priority.

Please follow these guidelines for a safe visit and watch this link for updates in COVID-19 related access to PMN.
Thank you for your cooperation!


We are on the THIRD FLOOR of the Epic Center at 359 S Kalamazoo Mall.
After entering the building, take the elevator or interior stairwell to the 3rd Floor.
The main lobby stairs stop at the second floor, from there you must use the interior stairwell or elevator.


Media Center – General Procedures

  1. Media Center Usage will be by advance appointment only. No walk-in use of the facility or equipment library reservations will be allowed. Facility reservations may be made for between 2 pm – 8 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, and Friday; and Saturdays between 10 am - 6 pm. Approved project plans are required for all reservations.

  2. Health screening will occur upon entering the facility. Staff may require a temperature screening for anyone suspected of having a temperature. Records will be maintained for anyone that is not fully vaccinated.

  3. Anyone displaying symptoms, not feeling well, or has known exposure to COVID-19 should remain home and not come into the facility. Anyone not feeling well, will be asked to leave the facility.

  4. All volunteers and their guests will be required to check-in and have contact information on file in case of COVID-19 exposure and contact tracing needs.

  5. Volunteers entering the facility must check-in with staff prior to use of any equipment or movement through the facility.

  6. Volunteers must check-out with staff when facility and equipment use is complete to follow proper cleaning procedures.

  7. Employees and Volunteers will be asked to wash/disinfect their hands prior to receiving or using equipment.

  8. Face masks are required for all people while in the facility even while recording regardless of vaccination status.  You will be asked to leave and return with a face mask if you do not have one. 


Edit Rooms

  1. Only one person will be allowed in an edit bay during use.

  2. Volunteer will be provided with disinfecting supplies to wipe down surfaces when they have completed use of the equipment.

  3. Face masks must continue to be used while using the edit bays.



  1. Hosts and guests will be required to wear masks during the taping or live production.

  2. Disinfecting supplies will be provided to volunteers to disinfect any equipment and set pieces used during the production.

  3. Staff will monitor and direct the cleaning process.


Studio Control Room

  1. A barrier/divider will be used if more than one person is using the control room and anyone is unvaccinated.

  2. No more than two people will be able to serve as crew if any control room crew is unvaccinated due to the space restrictions.

  3. Supplies will be provided to volunteers to disinfect surfaces, equipment and headsets used during the production. Staff will monitor and direct the cleaning process as part of the check-out procedures.

  4. Masks must continue to be worn in the control room.


Equipment Library Use

  1. Equipment will be available for pick-up and return by appointment only.

  2. Upon return of equipment, supplies will be provided to volunteers to disinfect surfaces and equipment checked out for use and used during the production.


Vidcast Studio

  1. No more than 4 people will be allowed in the vidcast studio at the same time.

  2. Everyone in the podcast studio must wear a mask during recording.


If you have any questions, please call us at (269) 343-2211 or email