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  • Supporters of statewide petition organize Reproductive Rights for all Rally - Chris Glasser

  • Local artist hosts show at Schultz's Treat Street: talks artistic style, autism and Mr. Rogers - Janet Hay

  • Artists of Color Network pursues community healing through art - Tyler Zachary

  • Can work-life balance affect physical and mental health? - Sanaa Littlejohn

Neighborhood Voices Network

If you are interested in journalism, and want to use your voice to provide representation for your community, then the Neighborhood Voices Network might be for you.


The Neighborhood Voices Network is Public Media Network's beginning journalism initiative. Participants are taught how to find story ideas, conduct interviews and write journalism that matters. Neighborhood Journalists will be given the training, platform, and tools to start  reporting on news in their community. 


Our goal is to showcase media coverage from a wide array of voices. More people, and more perspectives, means that news coverage will be more well-rounded, and lift up more voices in the community. 


The Neighborhood Voices Network typically holds three cohorts yearly: spring, summer and fall. Each training cohort includes four sessions. Sessions are typically held from 6:30-8 p.m. at the Public Media Network (3rd floor of Epic Center). Click here to find upcoming cohorts.


After completing the training sessions, Neighborhood Journalists are welcomed to join a monthly virtual meeting with past cohort members to discuss current projects, and learn more about the role of journalism in our world. 


The Neighborhood Voices Network focuses on a style of journalism called Movement Journalism, which is journalism in service to liberation. Movement journalism emphasizes work that focus on the root-causes of issues, and centers the stories of those most impacted. 


Contact Raine Kuch for more information: rkuch@publicmedianet.org 

Meet our Neighborhood Journalists

  • Chris Glasser

    Neighborhood Journalist

    I believe communities get stronger when they embrace the good and work together to solve the bad. Part of that is good journalism, that provides the facts and tells people’s stories. That is what I hope to do with my journalism.

    Chris is a certified community journalist with the Neighborhood Voices Network, a program of Public Media Network.

  • Janet Hay

    Neighborhood Journalist/Civic Reporter

    Janet Hay is a Neighborhood Journalist and Civic Reporter with a background in Biology. She participated in the very first training cohort of the Neighborhood Voices Network, and Civic Reporter Network.

  • Tyler Zachary

    Neighborhood Journalist

    Tyler Zachary is a PMN Neighborhood Journalist and former PMN intern. He is a WMU graduate in Film and Media Studies.

  • Svetlana Stone

    Neighborhood Journalist

    Svetlana is a Latvian musician and singer/songwriter, along with being a journalist with the Neighborhood Voices Network. She recently began producing a new show with PMN called “Artist’s Voices."

  • Lyric Mention

    Neighborhood Journalist

    Lyric Mention is a Neighborhood Journalist who joined the program in fall 2021. She is passionate about covering issues related to foster youth. 

  • Mary Reed

    Neighborhood Journalist

    Mary Reed is a Neighborhood Journalist that only recently returned to the Kalamazoo area. She has a show called "Level UP." 

  • Julia Buck

    Civic Reporter/Neighborhood Journalist

    Julia Buck is a Civic Reporter and Neighborhood Journalist with Public Media Network. She is inverested in environmental reporting. 

  • Leona Carter

    Black Lens Fellow

    Leona Carter empowers women to build intimacy with their husbands through the power of dating again to enhance communication, from the kitchen to the bedroom.

    Leona is an International Empowerment Speaker, 10x, International-Multi-best-selling Author, and a Certified Intimacy and Relationship Coach. As the President and CEO of Carter Strategies, Leona hosts, Hey Coach Carter TV, where she talks to married women who are building their business and their bedroom. Leona has been featured on CBS, FOX, ABC, NBC and more.

    Married since 1995, Leona, and her high school sweetheart, Omarr, have six children and one grandson. Leona and her family moved from Seattle Washington to Kalamazoo Michigan for the tuition-based program called The Kalamazoo Promise, where her family was featured in the New York Times.

    Leona’s energetic personality and vibrancy set her apart from the normalcy of entrepreneurship. She blazes a trail everywhere she goes through her passion for serving. 

  • John A Oliver

    Neighborhood Journalist

    John A Oliver is a Nerighborhood Journalist at the Public Media Network. He is a research analyst at the Kalamazoo Promise, and host the show "Deep Dive w/ Dr. John." 

  • Sanaa Littlejohn

    Journalism Intern

    Sanaa Littlejohn is a journalism intern with the Public Media Network. She is a budding writer that loves the discussion of good vs evil.