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Community-centered journalism that builds power

Are you tired of the type of news stories you see about your community? Do you feel that important stories and voices are left out of mainstream media? Then take control of the narrative and report on your local community.


Public Media Network's Neighborhood Voices Network puts the power of media into your hands to tell share news and information that builds power in the community. More people and more perspectives involved amplifies more ideas in the community and creates a healthier news and information system.


Media systems have historically been designed to exclude and marginalize people of color, and consolidated media systems have put the power to control conversations and filter information in the hands of a powerful few private companies. We want to ensure that all people in our local communities can access news and information that advances justice and equips them to make change and thrive.


Neighborhood Voices Network is a community and people-powered reporting program rooted in media justice and community journalism. Our Neighborhood Reporter program is fueled by people reporting on their community to equip people for civic action and serves them as our partners. We are pushing democracy and media forward with new community solutions to reimagine news and information as a vital part of our civic infrastructure.


Neighborhood Reporters receive training and mentorship in how to effectively use media storytelling to build community power and advance community, equity, justice, and democracy.  Trained reporters create a more vibrant information ecosystem with stories on a variety of topics including arts, local events, civics, issues, and more.


Neighborhood Reporters can receive additional training to become a Civic Reporter.  Civic Reporters are trained and equipped to report on local government meetings. If you are interested in local government and enjoy getting involved with journalism and media, then learning civic reporting may be for you.


Sign up for an upcoming training cohort on our workshop page.

  • Neighborhood Voices Network

    Neighborhood Reporters

    If you want to get involved with local reporting, become a Neighborhood Reporter with the Neighborhood Voices Network.

  • Civic Reporter Network

    Civic Reporters

    Neighborhood Reporters receive training to report on local government and help people know what is happening and how to engage in the process.

Neighborhood Voices Network