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Equipping you with the tools and resources for local journalism

Are you tired of the type of news stories you see about your community? Do you feel that important stories and voices are left out of mainstream media? Then take control of the narrative and report on your local community.


Public Media Network has two journalism programs that put control of the media into the community's hands: Neighborhood Voices Network, and Civic Reporter Network. Journalism is better with a diversity of voices and perspectives. More people and more perspectives means that local information will be well-rounded, and amplify more ideas in the community. 


Neighborhood Voices Network offers an introduction to reporting. Participants dive into important topics like news values, interviewing, journalism ethics, and movement journalism. Community members who complete this training are invited to submitting local stories for distribution through Public Media Network, and attend a monthly pitch meeting with other Neighborhood Reporters. Neighborhood reporters report on arts, local events, issues, and can even have their own interview or news program. 

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Civic Reporter Network trains, equips, and pays community members to attend and report on local government meetings. If you are interested in local government and enjoy getting involved with journalism and media, then the Civic Reporter Network may be for you! 

The written and video reports of local government meetings help others in the community to understand and be involved in local government.

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Dive Deeper into Journalism

Learn more about opportunities to become a Reporter at Public Media Network.

  • Civic Reporter Network

    Civic Reporter Network

    Receive training and get paid to report on local government and help people know what is happening and how to engage in the process.

  • Neighborhood Voices Network

    Neighborhood Voices Network

    If you want to get involved with local reporting, the Neighborhood Voices Network is a great place to start.