Neighborhood Journalists

  • Chris Glasser

    Neighborhood Reporter

    I believe communities get stronger when they embrace the good and work together to solve the bad. Part of that is good journalism, that provides the facts and tells people’s stories. That is what I hope to do with my journalism.

  • Nicholas Talamantez

    Neighborhood Journalist

    Nicholas Talamantez is a Neighborhood Journalist that wants to use his voice to get to the heart of the issues. 

  • Svetlana Stone

    Neighborhood Reporter

    Svetlana is a Latvian musician and singer/songwriter, along with being a reporter with the Neighborhood Voices Network. She recently began producing a new show with PMN called “Artist’s Voices."

  • Janet Hay

    Neighborhood/Civic Reporter

    Janet Hay is a Neighborhood and Civic Reporter with a background in Biology. She participated in the very first training cohort of the Neighborhood Voices Network, and Civic Reporter Network.

  • Lyric Mention

    Neighborhood Reporter

    Lyric Mention is a Neighborhood Reporter who joined the program in fall 2021. She is passionate about covering issues related to foster youth. 

  • Tyler Zachary

    Neighborhood Reporter

    Tyler Zachary is a Neighborhood Reporter and former intern with Public Media Network. He is a WMU graduate in Film and Media Studies.


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