Production Studios

You can access high-definition (HD) production studios to help you make videos.


Become a volunteer media maker and you can access our production studios free of charge to create content for Public Media Network's local distribution channels.

Join our network as a community access center member and access our production studios for the creation of your videos with open distribution.

Production Studio

The Production Studio is a 900 square foot space with three dolly-mounted Sony robotic cameras, two Blackmagic dolly-mounted studio cameras, and one ceiling-mounted Sony robotic cameras.  You can quickly move and set-up these cameras to make a studio production simple with minimal crew.

Directors can see each camera feed live and select the cameras through the Tricaster Production Switcher located in the adjoining control room.  The video switcher is capable of many effects including live graphics, picture-in-picture, wipes, and chroma key.

The studio has curtains, lights, and set pieces for your studio set needs.  If you want a chroma key background, the studio also has a green wall and floor for a full chroma-key production.

Training Studio

The training studio is a 460 square foot space with a chroma key wall, drapes, and lighting to meet a variety of production and media training needs.  Use it with field-production cameras for later post-production.

Vidcast Studio

The Vidcast Studio is a turn-key 130 square foot space with microphones, four Sony robotic cameras, lights, and a video switcher.  This room is designed to make it easy for you to record vidcasts with one crew member in the control room.

Easily get started on creating your vidcasts today!