There are many ways to JOIN in People-Powered Media!

1.  Volunteer

Our network is community-driven and powered by you.

You can create your own television show, community story, documentary, or podcast as a member of our network.

In order to use our production facilities, media lab, and remote production facilities or to submit programming,
you need to first sign-up to join our community volunteer team and attend a Volunteer Orientation.

Volunteers who create or contribute media content for exclusive distribution on Public Media Network's channels and streaming for the first 90 days are given priority. After 90 days you are free to distribute your content on other platforms and social media.

Here are some ways residents contribute as a Volunteer:

You might be a Content Contributor

  • You share your voice and non-commercial content with the community.

  • You do not have to live in one of our partner communities to share your content, however priority in distribution is provided to people living in these partner communities: City of Kalamazoo, City of Parchment, City of Galesburg, Kalamazoo Township, Comstock Township, and Oshtemo Township.

  • Only content from people living in partner communities or Greater Kalamazoo is hosted in an on-demand format.

  • You have no need to use Public Media Network’s production facility or resources.

You might be a Media Maker

  • You share their voice, skills, talents, or knowledge with the community and help others in the production of content but may not necessarily have specific content you want to produce.

  • You participate in collaboratives and volunteer to assist as a crew member for a variety of media projects.

You might be a Producer

  • You use Public Media Network’s facilities and equipment to produce non-commercial content for primary distribution for the first 90 days through Public Media Network.

  • You are self-organized and coordinate all aspects of production work to reach a final project.

  • You intend to “own” the content to use on other platforms after the first 90-day primary distribution period ends.

  • You intend to contribute to the network of local media producers.

You might be a Neighborhood Journalist

  • You want to tell the stories of our community through a journalistic format for exclusive distribution through Public Media Network.

  • You are interested in a multimedia and multiplatform approach to journalistic storytelling.

  • You want to use Public Media Network’s facilities and equipment resources.

If you are ready to join the team of People-Powered Media Volunteers, click here!  After you join as a Volunteer and attend a Volunteer Orientation, we'll work with you to map out a plan for training and getting you started.


2.  Supporter

Many people and companies support people-powered media behind the scenes with their tax-deductible contributions.  Public Media Network is a charitable nonprofit that operates through support from people like you.  Contributors receive a complimentary Membership with benefits depending on their level of contribution.

If you are an individual ready to support the people-powered media community, click here!

If you are a company and interested in an Organizational Membership, click here!


3.  Production Passes

Individuals who want to use Public Media Network facilities and equipment without a requirement for primary distribution of noncommercial content on Public Media Network may purchase a production pass. Content must be provided to Public Media Network at the same time as being released on other platforms.

  • Municipal Partner Residents: $60/year (Municipal Partners: City of Kalamazoo, City of Galesburg, City of Parchment, Comstock Township, Kalamazoo Township, and Oshtemo Township)

  • Non-residents:  $180/year

Join the Production Pass Program. Your annual fee will automatically renew, but you can cancel at any time by creating a login & password for your account. If you need assistance at any time, please contact us at