Virtual Internship Project: Media-Maker Spotlight on Kalpana Kumar

Public Media Network's Virtual Interns have been hard at work this summer creating excellent content and learning about the world of Public, Education and Government Access Television.

Leah spearheaded a project to spotlight the media-makers who contribute time, energy and content to Public Media Network's vibrant community.

Our first spotlight features Kalpana Kumar!

Meet Kalpana Kumar!

Kalpana was always passionate about films and decided to pursue her dream by first studying film at the New York Film Academy followed by projects with Public Media Network. In India, Kalpana directed a short film on challenges faced by women that has won several awards globally. Active in sports, Kalpana is a marathon runner who is now deciding to take on the triathlon. Kalpana says the two things she could not live without are her dog as well as her morning coffee. In terms of her connection with Public Media Network, Kalpana believes that “community media is a great way to participate and contribute to society by bringing out your own content, culture, language, and knowledge to the public.” Thank you Kalpana for your inspirational work with Public Media Network!