The Rejuvenation of the Mill at Vicksburg

A lot in life comes to pass, but the impact on a community stands the test of time. This is part one of a multi-series inside renovation and history of the Mill in Vicksburg, MI. Jackie Koney, Chief Operating Officer, took time to discuss the influence of the Mill.

Time is one thing that can't be underestimated, and everything comes to an end. But history remains. The Mill in Vicksburg, Michigan, holds a lot of history in that community. 


The Mill at Vicksburg is returning to the community like it never left but did at some point. Jackie Koney, Chief Operating Officer, mentions the Mill opened up in 1904, and the paper mill shut down in 2001. Koney talks about the significance of the Mill and what it meant for the community of Vicksburg, MI. 



Koney said, "The Mill impacted the community. It wasn't just about the jobs. So, it was a tough time in 2001 when it was a shutdown." It was mentioned that Vicksburg had a community of around 3,000 people, and about 300 residents worked at the paper mill. Those statistics alone speak to the importance that the Mill meant to everyone a part of it. 


On a personal level, when asked, "what does the mill at Vicksburg personally mean to you?" Koney didn't hesitate. She replied, "Personally, it's the dream job because it's trying to figure out how to keep history, restore something that a lot of people will come and enjoy and that it will help encourage a more thriving Vicksburg with more people coming in, more people wanting to move there and live there. It's just such an exciting job. It just has so many different facets. It's complex, and that makes it fun for me. So that's what it means to me."


That statement should give the community more hope and what's to come for the Mill at Vicksburg soon. Koney was insightful and excited when talking about the Mill. It led to more details about the place that was a rag paper mill once before. 

The Mill

She stated the rag paper was made out of cotton from a garment industry instead of trees. Furthermore, the mill at Vicksburg was known as Lee paper mill. "There were so many paper mills around here that we were called Paper City, USA," said Koney. 


Paper City, USA, is coming back to Vicksburg, MI. Throughout the fruits of labor coming into fruition, the updates will follow. This is a multi-part series story package. It's only the start. But for the time being, follow more about the mill at Vicksburg using this link