Public Media Network Community Voter Guide

Our community voter guide is ready to view. View this article to access the voter guide, and learn more about our election coverage this year.

Federal election coverage too often overshadows local elections, and community members go to the polls with an unclear idea of who their local candidates are. The Public Media Network wants to change that this year by creating a Voter Guide to showcase local community elections.

In our voter guide, you will find information on candidates running in contested races in state, city, county and township elections. This includes races in Kalamazoo County, Oshtemo Charter Township and Comstock Charter Township. 

Our Voter Guide includes candidate pictures, bios, and video interviews, with questions that came directly from the community election survey we sent out in June.  

We would like to thank candidates who helped contribute to our voter guide this year, and all of those voting in the upcoming November 3rd election. 



2020 Election Coverage


The Public Media Network decided to do our election coverage differently this year by letting the community guide what we cover. The first step of this process was to get community input by sending out our 2020 Election Survey. We sent the survey to all of our email subscribers, posted it on social media, promoted it on our page and sent it to community leaders. 

We posted our survey results at the beginning of September, along with explanations of how we would use that feedback in our coverage.

By adapting this Community-forward approach, we hope that local residents feel more confident going into the polls in November, or filling out their ballot at home.