Neighborhood Voices Network: Meet Chris Glasser!

Neighborhood Journalist Chris Glasser is using his voice to embrace the good, and work on the bad in the Kalamazoo Community. Read Chris's introduction of himself and his work below. 

I was born and raised in Kalamazoo. Sure, I bounced around a little bit, but I never left my zip code. I now reside on the Eastside with my four fur babies. I stay busy working two jobs, going to school, and volunteering with five organizations. I could probably benefit from a personal assistant, but I can’t find any that will work pro bono.  


Kalamazoo has the appeal of a larger city, with all the stores you need and plenty of entertainment, but with the small-town appeal of never being too far away from anything. Microbreweries, nature walks, the Kalamazoo River: what’s not to like? 


Well, Kalamazoo does have its share of problems: crime, homelessness, poverty, pollution. These issues do not doom a city, but they do require attention. The people affected need their voices heard, and those responsible for addressing these issues need to be accountable. 


However, not everything needs to be negative. For example, there are some great things happening on the Eastside. There are vaccine clinics, façade grant programs, business revitalization committees and gardening programs. As a board member of the Kalamazoo Eastside Neighborhood Association, I plan on reporting on that too.


I believe communities get stronger when they embrace the good and work together to solve the bad. Part of that is good journalism, that provides the facts and tells people’s stories. That is what I hope to do with my journalism.


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Neighborhood Voices Network

The Neighborhood Voices Network is putting control of the media into the community's hands.  Neighborhood Journalists are given the training and resources to cover local topics that are important to them. More people, and more perspectives, means that local news coverage will be well-rounded, and lift up more voices in the community.