Live music and new experiences are coming to Kalamazoo, featuring Sounds of the Zoo

Jennifer Hudson-Prenkert talks about Sounds of the Zoo, and this inaugural event will highlight local, regional, national, and international live music performances.

Music is capable of creating camaraderie, among others. Sounds of the Zoo is the newly established musical festival organized by Jennifer Hudson-Prenkert, coming to Kalamazoo from Monday, Sept. 26 through Sunday, October 2. 


"There's nothing better for me than seeing live music or hear live music. There's nothing. It's like medicine," said Hudson-Prenkert. 


It is a difference maker when music headlines the entertainment, but there is nothing like locally talented individuals making the most of the opportunities given. “I want to create this channel where I can help connect all the things happening in Michigan, and that's where that south by Southwest inspiration has come from to establish all of those things together so that I can be that catalyst to help. People are doing festivals and Black Sheep Collective and their label, all the other things I know to try to come here,” said Hudson-Prenkert.


This showcase will be the first but not the last to come, and the Kalamazoo music industry would appreciate being able to be curated more around the music compared to previous experiences. Through curating, Hudson-Prenkert's goal is essentially to pay performing artists. 


Hudson-Prenkert believes that Sounds of the Zoo can spark change through music and the ability to share it with the community. “I think change connects people by shifting their mindsets and how they look at people and things. I feel that putting out diverse music is the easiest way to do it without even talking,” said Hudson-Prenkert.


Sounds of the Zoo will present more than change, but it will start to generate more ideas for musical venues and give awareness to music in a serious light. Hudson-Prenkert mentioned that the event is more than a festival, but it is more of a movement in the making. 


In addition, Sounds of the Zoo will take place at several locations in Kalamazoo. It is worth mentioning that it will be a week-long festival. Day 1 to Day 5 will consist of different locations. The rest of the festival will be at Bronson Park.


For further information, check out Sounds of the Zoo, and you can enjoy some music all week long for free.