Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership seeking passionate applicants to join Citizen Coalitions

The Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership is looking for passionate community members to apply for a seat on one of four Citizens Coalitions. Applications are due on November 1.

Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership wants your voice to be part of the conversation that drives change in the community. The Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership is looking for passionate community members to apply for a seat on one of four Citizens Coalitions. 


All applications are due on November 1. 



Launched in 2019, the Citizen Coalitions were created to make resident ideas and feedback a central part of Downtown Partnership's investments, programs and services. The nonprofit organization focuses on four main areas of impact, each the focus of a coalition: People, Place, Experience and Growth.

The coalitions are tasked with working collaboratively to set goals for services and programming, and give feedback to the Downtown Partnership. 

Coalitions meet six times annually, or once every other month. Currently, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all Coalitions are meeting virtually.

Applicants should expect to commit to a term of two years if accepted. Business owners, employees, residents, students and community members alike are encouraged to apply. Each Coalition is limited to 20 members. 

Kalamazoo Downtown Partnership Citizen Coalitions


Coalition for People  

This coalition is tasked with collaborating with local organizations to engage with the diverse community in Kalamazoo. Members must be able to think through the lens of inclusivity, and be willing to find ways to make Kalamazoo welcoming for everyone.

Coalition for Place 

Citizens in this Coalition work on developing Kalamazoo into a place where everyone would want to be. Members work on creating a beautiful environment by developing public infrastructure, such as: sidewalks, street lighting, and downtown signage.

Coalition for Experience 

If you find yourself excited to create social experiences, then this coalition may be the right fit for you. This coalition focuses on turning downtown Kalamazoo into an engaging social space. Members brainstorm ideas for events, programs, and public art—including murals and sculpture—with the goal to draw people into downtown. 

Coalition for Growth 

This coalition supports entrepreneurship and investment downtown, with the goal of creating an environment where local businesses can thrive. Members will support new businesses, help attract new businesses, and guide start-ups, and work closely with the community’s anchor institutions to develop and grow Kalamazoo's economy.


Each citizen coalition focuses on a different piece of the puzzle, however, they are guided by the same principles, as determined by the Board: inclusion, engagement, transparency, collaboration, transformation and innovation.