County takes steps for frontline defense against invasive species

As a frontline defense against the rampant spread of aquatic invasive species, the Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner’s office and the Department of Natural Resources recently installed a boat wash station sign and equipment at Long Lake Boating Access Site, now available to the public.

This pilot project aims to significantly reduce the prevalence and detrimental impact of aquatic species, such as Zebra mussels, Quagga mussels, curly leaf pondweed, and more in the pristine waters of Michigan. Spearheaded by the Drain Commissioner’s office with the requisite equipment (grabber tool, Brush, and boat drain plug) and signage, the DNR has generously contributed location sites, trash bins, and regular pick-ups to ensure the preservation of Long Lake’s environment.

The spread of invasive/ exotic species poses an immense challenge, both in Michigan and across the United States, with aquatic species proving particularly formidable to manage. However, by diligently cleaning your boats prior to entering and after exiting any water body, you play an indispensable role in curbing the spread of these costly intruders right in our own backyard.

By actively safeguarding our waters against nonnative species, we simultaneously uphold the accessibility of waterways for watercrafts and swimmers while preserving the natural environment of our lakes for its diverse fish species and other inhabitants. This collective effort works to maintain Michigan's aquatic ecosystems for all Michiganders.

"We eagerly anticipate our continued collaboration with the DNR, as we forge ahead with the installation of additional boat wash stations and dissemination of crucial information throughout the county, all in the pursuit of preserving Michigan's water health," said Jason Wiersma, Kalamazoo County Drain Commissioner. "Our heartfelt gratitude goes to the DNR for their invaluable partnership in this endeavor, and a special acknowledgment to Anyah Preston for her unwavering dedication in spearheading the launch of this pioneering program."

To delve deeper into the activities of the Drain Commissioner’s department, visit In addition, visitors to Long Lake Boating Access Site can conveniently scan the QR code displayed on the sign using their smartphone, enabling immediate access to further information.

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