Apply to have a TV Series

You can submit your TV series to Public Media Network to air!
Are you interested in having a series on Public Media Network’s cable channels? Once you have a series, you’re guaranteed regularly scheduled time slots for one season, which helps you to promote your show and develop your audience.

A series is any project with episodes that have the same time slot on the same channel. A series can be monthly (3 episodes), biweekly (6 episodes) or weekly (12 episodes).

With a series, you will have a consistent broadcast schedule, helping you to build an audience.  You will also have the opportunity to book out studio or equipment reservations in advance if you use our resources to produce your series.

How to apply?

You must apply to have a series timeslot approved.  Application periods open on the first day of the following months for three weeks for the next programming season.  You may apply for multiple programming seasons (up to three) at one time.

Application Windows:

December: February - May
April: June - September
August: October - January


The Basics

Programming seasons for series and more lead-time for special air time requests allows Public Media Network to promote your programming and increase awareness of local content.  This timing helps us to keep on-air program guides more accurate.


What are the Programming Seasons?

Spring:                February - May

Summer:             June – September

Fall:                     October – January


When should I submit my episodes or special for its air date?

You can be submit content as early as 30 days prior to the start of the program season. Use the following chart to ensure your content can air as scheduled.

Submission   Airs the following
Saturday Thursday
Tuesday Friday
Wednesday Saturday/Sunday
Thursday Monday
Friday Tuesday/Wednesday


Where can I find the applications?

Use this form to apply to air a new series, change your series frequency or request a change in time slot.