2020 Election Coverage Survey Results

Since June, we have been asking for input on how our election coverage can serve this community's needs. Now, the results are in. 

One of the easiest ways to cause social change is by starting at the top. This is why we want to provide election coverage that will help you choose the best candidates this November. The Public Media Network decided to do our election coverage differently by letting the community guide what we cover. The first step of this process was to get community input by sending out our 2020 Election Survey. We sent the survey to all of our email subscribers, posted it on social media, promoted it on our page and sent it to community leaders. Below, we have included the results to each survey questions, and have responded with some ways which we plan on meeting your requests. 

Question #1: What local races are you most interested in?

What local races are you interested in (graph)

We asked you which races are the most important, to better direct our resources. From the survey, we learned that community members are most interested in the US House of Representative race, and Kalamazoo County races for commissioner, clerk, and sheriff. To help meet this request, the Public Media Network will create a voter guide that covers the important issues for each of these races. The voter guide will also contain other contested races in Kalamazoo. 

Question #2: Which local issues are the most important to you?

What local issues are important to you graph

We asked you which local issues mattered the most, to guide how to focus our coverage. Survey results showed that social justice and the criminal justice system are the top issues on our resident's minds; followed by unemployment and COVID-19 recovery. We will use this information by placing it directly on our voter guides. When the guide is out, residents can see where candidates stand on the issues they care about most. 

Question #3: What kind of coverage would you like to see?

What coverage would you like to see graph

We asked you what you would like our coverage to look like. The top results were: candidate interviews, a voter guide, and candidate panel discussions. We are trying to honor each of these requests by creating a voter guide, and interviewing candidates via zoom. By asking the same questions to each candidate, residents will be able to directly compare answers, similar to a panel. 

The Public Media Network has invited candidates into our studio to give statements about their campaign. Candidate statements should be on our website and broadcast channels in October. 

We have also been busy writing articles about local issues. PMN has covered important community topics like: Police training, odor problems, Black-owned businesses, and local legislation


We have already published our election survey results but that doesn't mean it's too late to participate. Click on the button below to make sure your voice is heard.