2018 Impact Report

Thanks to our donors and funders, our community is being engaged through media.

Your support is needed to share the stories of our community.

Your donation of $25 or more increases resources for truly local media. Your support has a positive impact on our community. In 2018:

  • Community members accessed $2.49 million worth of media production resources.

  • More than 2,700 television programs produced about our community.

  • 350 hours of local government meeting coverage increased transparency of the local government process.

  • More than 100 youth received media training

  • Youth received more than $6,000 in scholarships for media training

You make it possible to invest our community with the power of media and put it into people’s hands to amplify creative expression, increase positive dialogue, and strengthen cultural understanding.

We have several new initiatives in the works, including an expansion of our youth media programs, distribution of programming on streaming platforms such as Roku and Apple TV, and the exploration of community uses for virtual reality.

It’s a truly exciting time of growth and we need you to make it possible.

Your donation of $25 or more increases resources for truly local media.

Please contact us at 269-343-2211 if you would like a tour of our media arts lab or to discuss the future direction of media for you and by you in our community.

Our doors are always open to you.