• The Rejuvenation of the Mill at Vicksburg

    A lot in life comes to pass, but the impact on a community stands the test of time. This is part one of a multi-series inside renovation and history of the Mill in Vicksburg, MI. Jackie Koney, Chief Operating Officer, took time to discuss the influence of the Mill.

  • Licensed therapist mentions mental health comes at a cost but not prioritizing it could too

    The importance of health starts with decisions made today that may not be in effect tomorrow but can later in life. Mental Health should be more than an option.

  • Dreams Can Come True In Kalamazoo

    Sergeant Fidel Mireles has been living his dream as a Kalamazoo Public Safety Officer (KPS) for the past sixteen years.

  • Meeting Overview: Kalamazoo City Commission Approves Budget Items on October 17, 2022

    On Monday, October 17, the Kalamazoo City Commission adopted numerous budget items, including employee healthcare services, wastewater treatment chemicals, traffic maintenance, and control, and extending the lease on Bronson Park.

  • Welcome to the Public Media Network Community Voter Guide!

    Public Media Network looks forward to voters being confident when casting their ballots. This PMN Community Voter Guide is active for the third year in a row!