Becca Intern Pic

Meet Becca! Becca Schapira graduates from Oakland University in April with a degree in Public Relations & Strategic Communication. She is passionate about encouraging community and connection through digital media. Becca enjoys outdoor adventures, listening to music, traveling, and spending time with her friends, family and pets. We are thrilled to have Becca as part of our virtual intern team!  Welcome, Becca!

Video Projects

Project One: Public Service Announcement or Non-Profit Spotlight Video

In their first project, PMN Virtual Interns are tasked with creating a  video to share a Public Service Announcement or Spotlight a local Non-Profit organization.

Becca elected to spotlight SCORE Mentors Kalamazoo, a non-profit which provides free mentoring to new and established small businesses in Southwest Michigan. What started as a short interview, grew into a two part panel interview. Thanks to SCORE Mentors Kalamazoo for providing such a great opportunity to learn more about this fantastic organization and the small businesses it serves.


Project Two: Tutorial Video

In their second project, PMN Virtual Interns are tasked with creating a short video tutorial demonstrating a tip or technique related to media production.

Becca elected to share a tutorial about how to use Canva to create engaging graphics