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YOU + PMN = Powerful Storytelling

When you join PMN, you become a torchbearer for diverse communities. Your involvement with Public Media Network will not only enrich your own creative endeavors but will also contribute to the vibrancy and inclusivity of our local media scene. Together, as storytellers, changemakers, and media enthusiasts, we can illuminate, educate, and celebrate the Greater Kalamazoo community through the power of media.

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As a member, you can bring your vision to life through a range of benefits, including

  • Access to professional studio space

  • Access to industry-grade media equipment and software

  • Opportunities to connect and learn with creators, video producers, visual journalists, community organizers, and others who share your passion

  • Media production support and distribution platforms


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For nonprofits, community organizations, and groups who want to use a shared membership plan.

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