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  • It's not enough to not be racist: County Commissioner Stephanie Moore shares her thoughts on slavery reparations

    “We have a lot of people in the community that say, ‘I don’t see race, I don't see color,’ but I’m here, and I'm colored. If you acknowledge me, and the experience that Black people have had historically, then that's a big start of how we can work together; sit at the table, and get some real work done.” - Stephanie Moore, Kalamazoo County Commissioner

  • 2020 Election Coverage Survey Results

    Since June, we have been asking for input on how our election coverage can serve this community's needs. Now, the results are in. 

  • PMN Virtual Internship Program Spotlight: Meet Leah!

    Meet Leah!She is one of our virtual interns ready to take on Social Media Advertising from an appropriate social distance!

  • Kalamazoo’s Fair Housing Ordinance: A step in the right direction after years of racist housing policies

    Even with the introduction of new policies designed to eliminate housing discrimination, Vice Mayor Patrese Griffin says that this proposal is only a step in the right direction. There is plenty more work that needs to be done in Kalamazoo to reverse racial disparities in housing. This is largely because of the effect redlining has had on how Kalamazoo looks today.

  • Get involved with Kalamazoo zoning updates

    Through their 2025 Master Planthe City of Kalamazoo hopes to re-imagine Kalamazoo with a stronger business community, more housing options, and accessible public spaces. Read this article to find out how you can be apart of the process. 


We want your input!! One of the easiest ways to cause social change is by starting at the top. This is why we want to provide election coverage that will help you choose the best candidates this November. Take the Election Survey below to tell us what you want candidates to address.

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