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  • Northside Recovery and Resource Center and HOPE Thru Navigation host 5th Annual Walk for the Voiceless

    Northside Recovery and Resource Center and HOPE Thru Navigation are hosting the 5th Annual Walk & Rally for the Voiceless to raise awareness for folks who have suffered from substance abuse or sexual assault. The event specifically raises awareness for the voiceless; those who have been suffering in silence, or have been silenced by death.

  • Kalamazoo COVID-19 cases rise: health officials ask residents to avoid social gatherings

    As numbers remain high, Kalamazoo County Health Officials urge residents to continue to do their part to prevent the spread by avoiding social gatherings. Continued use of face masks, maintaining six-foot distance and hand washing are also encouraged. 

  • After 10 years of renewing blighted properties in the community, Kalamazoo County Land Bank’s foundational project opens its doors

    “Looking back over these ten years, this project has really helped give us the tools that we needed to make sure we could be good stewards of the property and that we had tools which allowed us to reach out to the community and let their voices direct what could be possible.” - Kelly Clarke, executive director of the Kalamazoo County Land Bank

  • Kalamazoo's underground music scene is still here, despite global pandemic

    The relative silence in the Vine might seem like a sign that the pandemic has dealt the underground music scene a serious blow. Behind the scenes, musicians and venues have been adapting to help the scene survive this post-pandemic world, and using this time to prepare to come back stronger than ever. Read the full article to hear from local musician Casey Grooten, virtual house venue, Velvet Cowboy, and local band, Basic Comfort. Photo taken by Kirsten Smith.

  • Urban Alliance creates more opportunities for community outreach with office upgrades, community partnerships and mobile showers

    Many doors have closed during the pandemic, but for Urban Alliance in Kalamazoo, one door has been pushed wide open. This past spring, Urban Alliance purchased the building they have occupied since 2015, providing them with a blank canvas for what the organization could become.  

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