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  • What does police training look like in Kalamazoo, Michigan?

    “I think that we should give police officers the tools and the opportunities to develop skill sets to help them deal with anybody in the community; different culture, different sex; giving them that knowledge and that confidence, that helps.” - Victor Ledbetter, Director of Kalamazoo Valley's Law Enforcement Training Center

  • Virtual Internship Project: Media-Maker Spotlight on Kalpana Kumar

    Public Media Network's Virtual Interns have been hard at work this summer creating excellent content and learning about the world of Public, Education and Government Access Television.

    Leah spearheaded a project to spotlight the media-makers who contribute time, energy and content to Public Media Network's vibrant community.

    Our first spotlight features Kalpana Kumar!

  • Public Media Network's Summer 2020 Virtual Internship Program

    In June 2020 Public Media Network embarked on its first Virtual Internship Program with the goal of supporting and encouraging emerging media makers on their professional paths. Our cohort met virtually once a week to pitch ideas, provide suggestions, share progress and learn more about Public, Educational, and Government-access television.

    Click Here to learn more about our virtual interns and to see their excellent work. 

  • “Music shouldn’t be a luxury for the few,” says the Helen L. Fox Gospel Music Center

    “Research is out there that talks about how music education expands your ability in other areas: language development, math, social skills, it is just an all around positive thing." - Joseph Fox, Co-founder of the Helen L. Fox Gospel Music Center. Learn more about the Helen L. Fox Gospel Music Center

  • Local nuns continue to work towards racial justice

    They brave the heat in wheelchairs and walkers, and hold signs visible to passing cars that read, “Racial Justice Now”, “Black Lives Matter,” or “End Gun Violence.” 

Media by you

  • Municipal logos

    Connect with Local Government

    Gavel to gavel coverage of local municipal meetings keeps you engaged with the decisions of your local elected officials.

  • in-studio interview program

    Turn Your Passion into Content

    Whether a novice or professional, you can create and deliver your message.

  • Man operating camera and media network logos

    Community-Driven Media Hub

    Media that is controlled and shaped by you.  From podcasts to television programs, this is media that reflects the community.

Making home grown media

  • Learning some media skills


    Gain media skills in a hands-on learning environment.  MediaU courses provide you with the skills to become a media maker or to improve your skills. Create media to shift our local narratives.

  • learning the padcaster

    Volunteer Opportunities

    We need people like you to help create local media.  Join us on local productions and learn media skills to share your story. We'll provide the training necessary to get started.

  • production shoot for YMCA

    Nonprofit Partnerships

    We partner with local nonprofit organizations to help increase their connections with the community.

The media producer from next door

  • Daniel Monroe

    Media Maker, "Evil Dragon Theatre" & "Captain Wallace Live!"

    Bringing a passion for art and media together to entertain all ages.

    “I came into PMN with the idea to get my product out and give it a voice in the Kalamazoo community,” said Monroe who first started by producing projects on YouTube and Facebook nearly 15 years ago. “It’s wonderful to have a venue to express creativity.” 

    Learn more