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  • Kalamazoo River pollution creates hazards for water recreation

    In October of 2019, Eagle Creek Renewable Energy opened the spill gates of Morrow Dam to make urgent repairs. These spills gates were open for over a year, and released 400,000 cubic yards of sediment into the Kalamazoo River. Today, the sediment is still effecting wildlife, and creating hazards for water recreation. 

  • Read and Write Kalamazoo: Our Voices Project

    Public Media Network partnered with Read and Write Kalamazoo to bring a journalism workshop to middle and high school-aged students. 

  • Arts Council Summer events are back in-person

    The arts are a big part of Kalamazoo, and by making a reappearance Downtown, these events are making it feel like Kalamazoo has finally begun coming out on the other side of this pandemic.

    Image courtesy of the Arts Council of Greater Kalamazoo

  • Seeking justice and safety after a sexual assault: Outlining the process

    When someone finds themselves in a situation where they have been sexually assaulted, the first 24-hours are critical, Glynn says. It's important to know what to do, and what your options are. The YWCA Kalamazoo has plenty of resources available for survivors of sexual assault, many of which are discussed below, but for more information please visit their website

    Artwork by Maya James

  • FCC rolls out financial assistance program to correct disparities in internet access

    “As the COVID-19 pandemic has made clear, having high-speed internet access at home isn’t a luxury, but a necessity so that people have access to critical services such as remote learning and telemedicine and maintain the ability to stay in contact with family and friends during a difficult and isolating time." -  Michigan Public Service Commissioner Tremaine Phillips

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    Gain media skills in a hands-on learning environment.  MediaU courses provide you with the skills to become a media maker or to improve your skills. Create media to shift our local narratives.

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