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  • OpEd: Should people ever lose their right to vote?

    In the United States, one of every 16 Black adults is not allowed to vote. In Alabama, Florida, Kentucky, Mississippi, Tennessee, Virginia, and Wyoming, this number is more than one in seven. In total, this is 1.8 million Black and Brown Americans that cannot choose their political representatives.

  • Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra announces $8.8 million initative

    Kalamazoo Symphony Orchestra celebrates return to live music, and announces the Music Connects Us campaign, an $8.8 million fundraising initiative. 

  • Public Media Network Community Voter Guide 2021

    Check out Public Media Network's 2021 Community Voter Guide, made directly with community input!

  • Hurt people hurt people: the trauma behind gun violence

    “Gun Violence doesn’t happen from nowhere, and it's not somebody who is uninjured acting out with a gun. It's really important to see the people behind what’s going on in our community." Kristen Ruggles, Occupational Therapist at Roots and Wings Therapies.

  • GVI roundtable talks gun violence, snitching and community culture

    Click here to watch highlights from Public Media Network's gun violence roundtable discussion with Group Violence Intervention.

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