The Local Scene: Oakwood Neighborhood History

A movie ticket, a pack of gum, a shoe shine, and even a bottle of Coca-Cola…all things you could buy with a nickel in 1893. That nickel also could provide Kalamazoo residents a ride on the trolly to visit Woods Lake beach, a theater, amusement park, and nightlife along the lake. Rare images of what is now Oakwood Neighborhood and its bustling social life are featured in this episode of The Local Scene. Host Gloria Tiller and producer William Lindemann highlight the research of Keith Howard, web coordinator of Kalamazoo Public Library.

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Gloria Tiller interviews Keith Howard about Kalamazoo’s local history.
This former dance hall and recreation hot spot was located on Woods Lake.
A photo of a carnival ride from Oakwood Neighborhood in the early 1900s.