Station 5 Rebirth

The old Fire Station 5, located at North Street and Douglas Ave., is being brought back to life as a new community center. The station was built in 1907 and was active as recently as the 1990’s. After selling off all of the other old fire stations, the city decided to keep this one and turn it into something the entire community could enjoy. They hosted a celebration to honor the opening of this new center, which included old friends of the station sharing memories of its past.

The changes featured new renovations, incorporated with many of the older, traditional staples that made Station 5 so unique. For example, new floors and roofs were put in, along with a new paint job, but features such as the original wooden lockers and the original ceiling texture remain on display. This is only phase 1 of a potential 3 phase renovation process. We are all excited to see how the city combines the latest community center with Station 5’s own unique tradition.

You can watch Connect’s coverage of the renovations and the celebration here.

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