Reading Together

One thing that can pull people together is a good book. However, it takes a special one to bring a whole community together. That’s why the Kalamazoo Public Library has chosen Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Writings on the Wall as this year’s Reading Together pick. The book discusses nine different topics, such as economic and race inequality and the media’s influence on society. Everyone at the library hopes that it encourages people in the community to come together and talk about these specific topics.

Karen Trout, the Reading Together Coordinator says, “We just feel that any time there’s an opportunity to come together based on common experience, and in this case that common experience is having read the same book, and being able to talk about it from different points of view, from different perspectives, you’re gonna grow.”

The event is expected to have a great turnout, and it is suggested that you RSVP! Everyone is welcome, and you can find further information on this event here: Reading Together

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