PMN is now on LocalHop!

By: Andrew Cahn
Social Media/Marketing Intern


LocalHop, founded by Robert Bales, Matt Russell and Jason Myers, is the best and easiest way to find events near you. These three friends were sick of searching “things to do,” on Google, so they decided there needed to be a way to find, learn about, and keep track of local events all in one place. So LocalHop was born, a mobile app that allows a person to enter their location, interests, and other relevant information, and provides them a list of activities that are interesting to them.

LocalHop covers events all around the Kalamazoo and Detroit areas, ranging from shows and concerts to family fun, to classes, and everything in between. Users can narrow their search by event category, or simply put in a date, and see what is going on when it is convenient for them. They can also choose to follow an organization that they like, and receive updates on all of that organization’s upcoming activities. Not only can users discover events, but through Local Hop, they can also add the event to their calendar, or buy tickets, all with only a few clicks. The mobile app is designed with a very intuitive, easy to navigate process that is very simple and very user-friendly.

The benefits of this app are not just for the users, but for local organizations as well. Organizations have a new place to promote their events and reach people who have a direct interest in them in a quick and simple manner. Local organizations can connect with LocalHop, free of charge, and post their event, complete with necessary details. It will then be automatically updated to both the mobile app and the website for everyone in the community to see.


Best of all, PMN is now active on LocalHop! We will consistently be posting special occasions, shows, and events. Some of these include Art Hops and film screenings for anyone in the area to attend. If you check us out on LocalHop, you can see some of our current upcoming occasions like the Santa Satellite Network where anyone can talk to Santa live! Find Public Media Network’s LocalHop page here.

Soon, LocalHop will be your go-to place to search whenever you are looking for something to do. Whether you are looking for something educational or for pure entertainment, LocalHop has you covered. Plus, they’ll make sure you don’t forget your favorite event by automatically adding it to your calendar.

You can learn more about LocalHop at, download the LocalHop app on the Apple App Store or on Google Play to get all the information on PMN’s upcoming events, as well as many other things to do around the Kalamazoo and Detroit areas.