Welcome to our new website

Illustration of man speaking from a rock.
Our goal in redesigning publicmedianet.org was to give the community a closer look into our inner workings and to allow people easy access to the services we provide. Read on for a more detailed description of the site and planned features coming in the next few months.

First, some technical specs:

We opted to use some software called WordPress to build the new publicmedianet.org. WordPress is both free and amazingly easy to use. It is maintained by a large network of amateur and professional contributors (much like Public Media Network!).

We’re hosting the site on Dreamhost, which also shares many of the values held by PMN.

Now, about the design.

Check the links across the top of the page. They are headed with action words describing the various things that PMN can help you do. You can make a video or radio program. You can learn more about production equipment and techniques. You can help us further our mission of providing noncommercial access to the media. And you can advocate for public media on the national, state and local level.

On the right side of the page, you can actually see what goes on the air. You can see our schedule. And you can browse the different categories of programming we put on the air each week.

Coming features

So, what else is in store. Well, the big news is just a few weeks away. We can’t give out details yet, but it has something to do with video and it has something to do with the Internet.

Perhaps not as spectacular, but just as important, we have some planned improvements for this website. We’re building a bulletin board-style feature for our volunteers that will allow everybody to share what they’re working on and find people to help out.

So, stay tuned to publicmedianet.org. Exciting things are happening and we want you to be a part of them.