New Media Makers at PMN

Media Makers

What do a pirate, township supervisor, and host on WMUK radio all have in common? They all are community producers at Public Media Network.

Those with diverse talents are learning how to use media to highlight their skills and talents to entertain and inspire their community as volunteers at PMN!

Congratulations to the recent producers recognized for the completion of Field Production, Studio Production, and Padcaster certification.

Field Production:
Michael Parker
Austen Rial
Dakota Ross
Douglass Williams
Jerry Malec
Marian Hill
Amanda Cockcroft
Dexter Mitchell
Earlene McMichael

Studio Production:
Daniel Monroe
Devan Harris
Dexter Mitchell
Earlene McMichael
Najawon Wilson
Frank Vargas

Amanda Cockcroft
Dexter Mitchell
Earlene McMichael
Celeste Moerman
Zach Garton
Tina and Kelsey Jordan (mother and daughter)
Zach DeThorne

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