Community members can submit video to Public Media Network to be broadcast on our public cable channels or included on our community video site.

Producers and Program Sponsors may submit programming for telecast on one of PMN’s Public Access channels To assist PMN in maintaining an equitable apportionment of telecast time for all Producers and Program Sponsors, reservation of telecast time is subject to the following procedures:

The Producer or Program Sponsor is responsible for researching available telecast time prior to completing a Program Schedule Request Form. A program will not be accepted and scheduled by PMN without a properly completed and signed Program Schedule Request Form. If the date(s)/time(s) requested are unavailable, PMN will attempt to notify the applicant and suggest other scheduling options.
Program Schedule Request Forms must be completed and delivered to PMN along with the “air copy” of the program at least two (2) weeks prior to the requested telecast date(s)/time(s). If the Producer or Program Sponsor fails to provide the two (2) week lead time, PMN makes no guarantee that the program will be telecast in the slots requested.
PMN reserves the option to adjust and approve an alternate lead time requirement for Producers or Program Sponsors who schedule a regular series that may not be able to efficiently provide the two (2) week lead time.

Media Formats:
PMN accepts programming for telecast in the following media formats: DVD, video files. If a Producer or Program Sponsor chooses the DVD format for their “air copy”, PMN recommends they utilize DVD-R disks to enhance compatibility with PMN DVD devices. “Air copy” media must contain only one complete program intended for telecast with no extraneous or unrelated video or audio or PMN may reject the program for telecast. Media submitted should not contain color bars or countdown.

Playback Procedures:
DVDs may be submitted as a playable disc or file disc. An example of permissible file formats compatible with PMN playback equipment would include: .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .avi. Files may be pre-scanned for virus/malware prior to scheduling. If the media is not viewed secure, PMN may reject media to prevent harm to PMN equipment.

Media Labels:
PMN requires Producers and Program Sponsors to clearly label “air copy” media and associated cases. All media delivered to PMN for telecast must be labeled as follows: (1) labels must be affixed to the face and box/case of the media; (2) include the title of the program matching the title used on the Program Schedule Request Form; (3) include the subtitle or episode (if any), the exact length of the program, the name of the producer, the date produced.