Public Media Network maintains state-of-the-art video and audio production equipment. PMN gives community residents the equipment, facilities, education and support to make their own video and audio productions. After being approved (trained), producers can use PMN facilities and equipment completely free of charge.

SD Card Camcorders

The ability to take them almost anywhere makes PMN’s various models of High Definition Camcorders the perfect way to capture video footage. We use Canon XA10’s and Panasonic AVCHD cameras for great HD quality – you supply your own SD Card. Based on your needs, don’t forget to include Batteries, a Tripod, or a Remote Microphone to the camcorder kit as needed.

Canon XA10Panasonic AVCHD

Advanced Production Equipment

PMN has additional equipment available to help you’re your production efforts. Whether you need a Light Kit, the convenience of a Wireless Microphone, or a Mic. Boom, PMN can make these available to you.

Video & Radio Editing Laptops

Installed with Final Cut Pro X non-linear editing software, and complete with a firewire, PMN’s MacBook Pros are ready to upload camcorder footage, slice and dice it into a TV ready format, and make a file or burn a DVD.

Also installed with Garage Band and iTunes, and with a built-in microphone to boot, these MacBook Pro kits can are all that one needs to produce and burn a cd for their radio show. You may want to add an MP3 field recorder, or a USB microphone to the mix depending on what your specific production needs may be.

MacBook Pro LaptopFinal Cut Pro XGarageBand