Local Filmmakers Use Comedy to “Get Out of Hell”

How do two guys on the verge of eternal damnation redeem themselves? They bake! Jack Kison and Jono Mammel are the stars of the award-winning YouTube series, “Baked with Good Intensions.” The low-budget comedy filmed in a bachelor pad somewhere in Kalamazoo may not be ready for prime time, however, it is a perfect example of community producers who use media to entertain, share a message, and grow an audience.

The series airs a new episode every Friday and already is in its second season. The team includes director Duane Shabazz and actress MerryRose Howley (Satan’s assistant). With the quirky acting style of Wayne’s World, and the budget of college students, the two continue to keep their audience in stitches as they complete assignments by Satan’s assistant to keep out of hell.

Kison started his trek to producing while in elementary school where he created “shorts” that fed his passion for filmmaking. His works often are, “oddball off-the-wall weird comedy that fulfills us as artists.” When he met Mammel, he found a kindred spirit. The duo has been film “partners in crime” since they meet at Western Michigan University’s theater program in 2015. During an Intro to Acting class they clicked when they learned Kison’s acting and Mammel’s music video backgrounds were a perfect match for movie making.

As the two build their audience (and resumes) Kison teaches summer school at the Kalamazoo Area Math and Science Center and as a Senior IT Helpdesk assistant at WMU. Mammel serves as a student assistant at the Haenicke Institute for Global Education at the university.

After leaving their desk jobs each day, they escape the mundane through their antics as stars of “Baked with Good Intensions.” Their nearly 200 YouTube subscribers continue to be entertained by the duo’s continuous “keep out of hell” assignments. Their dark comedy has been awarded with the Phoenix Reborn Films Emerging Voices Award in 2018 at the Film in the Zoo Film Festival.

Kison’s ultimate goal is to pitch show ideas to networks and become a showrunner (a person who has creative control over a TV series as a writer and producer). In the meantime, he and his crew are perfect examples of those who take media, make it their own, and share it with the world.

Learn more by visiting Baked with Good Intensions Facebook and YouTube pages.