Public Media Network provides the training and opportunities to empower people to engage our communities using media.

PMN offers a range of classes, from basic training with our equipment and facilities to advanced subjects and peer learning. We also work with the Kalamazoo Regional Educational Service Agency to teach area high school students to create their own video and audio productions.

Come on in to learn about PMN!  Call 269-343-2211 to schedule a time to come in and talk with a staff member about the different ways you can get involved at PMN.

Workshops and Classes:

The 3 Phases – All content creation starts off with Pre-Production, shortly after, the actual Production occurs, and eventually finishing with Post-Production. Take our 1-hour class to learn about these 3 phases of content creation. $10 suggested donation

Mac Basics – Ok, so you are PC person, it is understandable! Have you ever used a Mac? If you answered no, then this class is for you. $10 suggested donation

Video Production – Join our Field Production Team by taking our beginner course to video production. Here you will learn the basics how to capture and edit video using the free resources available at PMN.  $40 suggested donation

Studio Production – This is our beginner course to studio production and multi-cam live editing. This class will teach you the basics of producing shows in the PMN studios as well what it takes to record live events using a multi-camera switcher. At the end of the course, you will become a member of our Studio Production Team.  $20 suggested donation

Radio / Podcasting – Join our WKDS/Podcast Team by learning how to create a Podcast using PMNs equipment and facility. We will teach you how to submit your show to our radio station, 89.9 FM WKDS!  $10 suggested donation

To schedule a workshop please contact Kris Ferguson at:  [email protected] or 269.459.4163

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