Kalamazoo Township Roundtable: July 2016

By: David Smith
Social Media/Marketing Intern

Kalamazoo Township is always looking for ways to better the township in any way they can. Supervisor Ron Reid and Trustee Don Martin came to the studio to talk about new changes and updates for how they are making the township a better place. The topics that were discussed were the roads and sidewalks project, new township ordinances, and the addition of a township manager.

The roundtable began with an update on the roads and sidewalks project. With last year being their first year with road construction, they have changed their process to better alleviate the crowded streets around the construction. Construction has started in the Westwood Neighborhood area and they speculate to move to the Northwood Neighborhood by the end of June, and then onto the Eastwood Neighborhood. They are trying to finish one area at a time so that the whole township doesn’t look like a construction zone.They are also constructing more sidewalks for safer travel, as well as fixing current sidewalks. Finally, they plan to create bike boulevards to have safer non-motorized travel throughout downtown, around WMU and Kalamazoo College, and to the shopping center on Drake Road.

Ordinance zoning is being modified to make it more user-friendly for the Planning Commission – they are creating more charts and graphs to make it easier to navigate. The process started just over a year ago with the help of an outside company. After receiving an updated version of the ordinance zoning, they speculate it to have significant changes, and will go through the process to be adapted. They hope for it to be implemented by August 2016.

The Kalamazoo Township Board of Trustees is authorizing a change in the administrative structure by adding a Township Manager. This will help take them to the next level and give greater continuity. A consulting firm is helping them choose recommended potential candidates. They hope to have those by late June, hold interviews in the beginning of August, and be able to move forward with the process by the end of August.

Learn more by watching the Kalamazoo Township Roundtable below.

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