KC Ready 4s

Finding a high-quality preschool is one of the most important things you can do for your young children. Kalamazoo County Ready 4s is here to help. Ready 4s helps families identify high-quality preschools, and provides financial assistance to parents. They look for programs that allow a child to thrive by making school a place where students want to be, where learning is fun, and that follows a state approved developmental curriculum.

K-12 360 took a trip to Curious Kids in Portage to see some of the results in action. Here, the learning is centered around what the children want to learn. Built into the program is large group activities for language and social skills, as well as activities in smaller groups for improving number and letter skills. KC Ready 4s works in association with over 50 local preschool providers and works even more closely with parents to discover what pre-K program is the right fit for their kids. Their financial assistance helps parents ensure parents can secure their kids a pre-K experience that is perfect for them.

If a child turns four before September 1 of any year, they are eligible for that year’s program. Look out for Ready 4s application which becomes available in January. Also, check out this link for more on Ready 4s and the programs such as Curious Kids that it works with.

KC Ready 4s Website

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