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Public Media Network relies primarily on the work and ingenuity of community volunteers to provide programming for our five cable channels and FM radio station. Volunteer producers contribute thousands of hours of original programming every year. Those producers also rely on volunteers to help them take their concepts from idea to broadcast.
There are many ways you can help, from producing your own video to helping run camera or edit video for someone else’s production. You can find out about volunteer opportunities here or by contact PMN at pmn@publicmedianet.org.


Join us in making sure every voice is heard. You can strengthen people-powered media and increase the variety of perspectives, viewpoints, and beliefs to advance our community. Help tell these stories of our community. Make your donation today and support a space where expression and the tools for execution meet, a place in today’s media where every voice matters.

Public Media Network belongs to a whole collection of community media organizations throughout the United States. These organizations open up TV and radio to the public. Taken together, they are referred to as PEG access. PEG channels are actually three distinct types of specialty-programming cable channels allowed as part of the Cable Communications Act of 1984.

What is PEG?
P – Public
for telecasting programs produced or submitted by member of the public.
E – Education
for telecasting educational programming, especially programming highlighting area educational institutions.
G – Government
for telecasting local, public government meetings and other government-related programming.