Celebrating Community Youth, Senior Partnerships

Working together
Adults and youth work together at a story board for animation workshop.

Generation Z feel they have something to say. Baby Boomers have lived life and offer a wealth of wisdom. Combine the two generations with innovative media storytelling and you have The Rest of the Story: Student Storyteller Series.

Seniors of the Osher Life Long Learning Institute of Western Michigan University will contribute to a unique intergenerational experience for summer camp media students as they interview OLLIE seniors about historic moments in history from a local perspective.

“Our goal is to help the community tell their stories and learn how to use media to build relationships and educate one another,” said Matt Schuster, Public Media Network Executive Director. “Through these interactive programs for all ages, we break down barriers to resources and open doors for dialogue.”

In addition to the intergenerational project, youth organizations seek creative ways to educate students and have fun. Public Media Network’s “media arts” contribution to S.T.E.A.M. learning will allow students of the Eastside Community Association and Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation to use media as an interactive education tool. Students will be taught everything from equipment assembly to how to create and record their own studio talk show.

Eastside youth will use their Public Media Network Nonprofit Media Grant to create a historic documentary of the neighborhood that will be unveiled in the fall. The documentary will accompany a mural of the community that also will be unveiled in conjunction with the media project. Those enrolled in Kalamazoo Parks and Recreation summer programs will visit Public Media Network for media workshops during weeks of indoor and outdoor activity.

Check out more information on summer camp opportunities or call: 269-343-2211.