Chip Sealing In Action

An in-depth look at how the Road Commission of Kalamazoo County seals roads to preserve them as long as possible.

Professors Discuss “The True Cost of Climate Change” At WMU

We've discussed the environmental and societal impacts of climate change, but what about the financial ramifications of climate change? A prominent economist says it really...
Bronson Park Encampment

City Shuts Down Bronson Park Encampment

After a month of protesting, members of the Bronson Park Freedom Encampment were told to leave the park by 7pm Tuesday September 18th or...

Winter Weather Readiness

It's winter time! And that means we'll be seeing a lot more snow in the coming months! Here are some things to keep in mind...

Winter Driving Tips

Stay safe on the roads this winter with these helpful driving tips. For more information on driving in winter weather, visit the National Highway Traffic...