Bank Street Demolition

Kalamazoo’s Bank Street Farmer’s Market is on its way to some major improvements. These began this past November with the demolition of the MRC building that was located just south of the market. At first, the main improvement will be increased parking space, which will be very welcomed on the very crowded Saturday mornings.

Long term, Bank Street Farmer’s Market has some bigger plans in store for the space. They plan to eventually use it for some new buildings where they could host events, add new offices, and gain some additional storage space. As far as environmental implications, there is no need to worry. All materials that can be recycled will be, while the others will head to the landfill.

Lastly, big thanks to the Michigan Land Bank Fast Track for their generous grant that made this whole project possible! In a short time, expect the Bank Street Farmer’s Market to be back and better than ever. View some of the new project with Connect here:

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