“This is always bigger than myself” 

Arlena Jones is one of Public Media Network’s most versatile volunteers. Whether she is hosting her own “Intervene Show,” mentoring youth in media education, or helping others produce their own projects, she believes media is her artistic expression. Jones recently was named Producer of the Month during the November Art Hop held at PMN. Her tenacity and dedication to public media was commended in the presence of her peers who attended the monthly Producers Forum. 

She soon began to host her own show, “The Intervene Show,” with the help of her brother Leon. Over the years she has used her show as a platform to highlight community members whose talents or services impact the residents of Kalamazoo. From artists to athletes and everyone in between, Jones has provided an outlet for many to showcase what they do, and provide exposure they otherwise may have never received. 

In 2009, Jones came to see what kept her brother, Leon, excited about PMN. He was a community producer and had won two 2880 film competitions hosted by PMN. When she saw him operate the Tricaster and create a show that aired on cable, she was hooked! Jones began to take every class she could to become certified in field and studio production, and editing. Her desire to become a staff member led to an internship with former PMN director Brian Gonder. 

 Everything I put out has been impactful,” said Jones who works as a life insurance agent with Western and Southern Life.   

Her desire is to create a show that allows her to highlight people and places outside the region of Kalamazoo region and internationally that would educate the audience about diverse foods, cultures, and lifestyles. As she prepares for future, she continues to bring interesting people to the forefront for positive media. 

“My guests are hand-chosen,” Jones said. “I select people whose stories are a blessing or testimony, not just self-gratifying for a short term gain.” 

She said, when she goes anytime without doing a show, someone in the community often asks about it. 

 “Hearing those things makes me feel good. It makes me realize that this is always bigger than myself.”

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