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Saturday, February 16, 2019
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Upgrades Coming to the Michigan SOS Automated Records System

The Michigan Secretary of State is upgrading their automated records system over President's Day weekend. Find out how the changes are going to mean less headaches for you the next time you renew your license! For more information, visit the Secretary of State website.

Merze Tate Explorers Interview Ruth Carter

Ruth Cartervideo
The Merze Tate Explorers sit down for an exclusive interview with Ruth Carter. Carter, nominated for an Oscar for Costume Design, sat down and shared of her career, challenges, and the opportunity to create costumes for Marvel's Black Panther. Help grow truly local media by donating...

Celebrating Miguel Ramirez’s Career

Miguel Ramirezvideo
Miguel Ramirez was honored at the 2018 Despierta Kalamazoo for hosting the WMUK program "Alma Latina" for 40 years. Producer Earlene McMichael brings into focus the work of Miguel Ramirez and reason for receiving this honor. Help grow truly local media by donating $25 or more...

Kalamazoo Public Schools Board of Education: February 7, 2019 Meeting

Coverage of the Kalamazoo Schools Board of Education Meeting on February 7, 2019. Stay connected to your elected representatives on your local board of education and the decisions affecting your public schools. Help grow truly local media by donating $25 or more and become a member...