7th Annual Cinema 2880

It’s baaaack!

PMN’s 48-hour video challenge – Cinema 2880. (In case you didn’t figure it out, 2880 is the number of minutes in a 48-hour period.) This is an opportunity for all community producers to take a weekend to make some movie magic. If you’re a seasoned veteran, here’s a chance to flex those creative muscles and maybe get out of the continuity rut that one can create when producing a long-running show. If you’re new to video production, this is an opportunity to take the plunge, test your mettle and compete. The great thing is, it’s only over a weekend–everybody commits the same amount of time to the project (no head starts)!

New for this year

is an expanded prize list! And you can submit your video by the 6 PM, Sunday, October 14, deadline via YouTube posting–this means your production team can be ANYWHERE on earth to compete! (Note we’ll still need a DVD or Mini-DV tape of your video for the premiere at Kalamazoo 10 Theaters). As for the premiere, it will be on two screens simultaneously to handle the ever-growing turnout for the event.

For those unfamiliar with the event, your goal is to produce a 5-8 minute video that incorporates various required production elements as assigned by PMN at the start of the event (6 PM Friday, October 12). Production teams then have 2880 minutes (48 hours) to script, cast, rehearse, shoot and edit their video and submit it to PMN by 6 PM Sunday, October 14. If you miss the strict deadline, take heart. While your submission will not be eligible for judging (and prizes), it will still be included at the premiere (if submitted shortly after the deadline).

Looking for teammates? Remembers these words, [Whisper] “If you name it, they will come.” That’s right, you need to commit to the process by registering and coming up with the all important team name, at that point, you’ll be surprised who comes out of the woodwork to help you with cinematic pursuits.

Full details, and the registration form are here: C2880 brochure 2012